Volume 10

Number 02 July 2020
Treatment of Ashy Dermatosis with Dapsone and Tacrolimus: A Case Report

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Parveen Afroz Chowdhury1 , Tahur Abdullah Choudhury2 , Himangshu Shekar Das3

Background: Ashy dermatosis (AD), a rare pigmentary disorder of unknown etiology, has no satisfactory treatment. Observation: Two patients having asymptomatic and slowly progressive, gray macular lesions with darkening involving the face, arms, neck, and the trunk was diagnosed clinicopathologically as AD. The patients were treated with an oral dapsone (100 mg/day) and a topical tacrolimus (0.1%) twice daily for six months. Result: After three months of treatment, a gradual improvement of lesions was observed, and perpetuation of the treatment for six months completely removed the lesions of the both patients. The lesions did not recur within the study period for one year. Conclusion: Results suggest that dapsone and tacrolimus as the combined therapeutic option might have a substantial effect for treatment of AD.