Volume 12

Number 02 July 2022
Importance and Role of Hospital Infection Control Committee (HICC) in a Hospital


Prof. Dr. Md. FerdousHasan

Introduction: ‘Nosocomial infections, also called “hospitalacquired infections” are infections acquired during hospital care which are not present or incubating at admission.’ Infections originates after admission by more than 48 hours are usually considered nosocomial. K Park (387) Infections acquired by staffs or visitors to any health care facility may also be considered as nosocomial infections. Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are the most frequent adverse event affect patient safety throughout the world. Source of HAIs may be endogenous, exogenous, contact with staffs, contaminated instruments and needles, individual nutritional and immune status; and, above all it exists in low, middle and high income country like USA though at variable rates. So, these unexpected and unacceptable HAIs in my opinion may be unavoidable too. But adhering to standard practices by all concerned can minimize the number of infections.