Volume 13

Number 2 July 2023
Ragging in Medical College: A burning issue to be addressed strongly.


Professor, Dr. Md. Abdul Hye.

Ideally the educational institution should be a safe haven for the students but often it is not like so. Sometimes at the beginning of the institutional journey students face some adverse situation which is present mostly all over the world now a days. This process is called ‘Hazing’ in North America and in South Asia is has been termed as ‘Ragging’.1,2 There is a wide range of ‘Ragging’, starting from welcoming to serious violent acts. Usually it consists of intimidation, harassment, humiliation and even sexual abuse. In some countries forceful binge drinking have also been reported. Most commonly it is conducted by the senior group of people.3 Apart from educational institution this process is common in military, gangs and sport clubs. According to international studies the prevalence of ragging ranges from 37-78% among institutions and clubs.4 In most of the South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal or Sri Lanka the ‘ragging period’ continues for few months till the victim gets acquainted and makes bond with the senior students.5