Volume 10

Number 01 January 2020
Study of Lipid Profile in Pre-diabetes in OPD of a Tertiary Level Hospital

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Suma Begum1 , Nazmin Haque2 , Bidhan Chandra Debnath3 , Sakhina Khatun4

Background: Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease, associated with abnormal metabolism of all major nutrients like carbohydrate, protein and lipids. Though diagnostic criteria of DM are persistent hyperglycemia, but are also associated with dyslipidemia, which is a more serious risk factor for increase the chance of development of cardiovascular diseases (CAD). Before the development of classical symptoms and confirmed diagnosis, there may be an uncertain periods of years of impaired glucose regulation, a pre-diabetic state, when persons are not aware of probable associated dyslipidemia. This study was focused to observe the blood lipid status of pre-diabetic subjects. Methods: It was an observational cross sectional study. Eighty four (84) study subjects were selected randomly from outpatient department of SWMC. Patients came with ailments not related to DM, were not aware of their glycemic status. Their weight, height and WC were measured and plasma glucose, HBA1c and lipid profile results were taken from hospital records with prior informed written consent. On the basis of HbA1c, subjects were divided into two groups, ≤5.7 %, group1 (n=40) and 5.7-6.4% group 2(n=44). Results of Lipid profile, plasma glucose, HbA1c and BMI were analyzed statistically. Results: BMI, WC, plasma glucose and HbA1c all were significantly increased in pre-diabetes subjects compared to normal persons. TC, LDL-C and TG were significantly elevated but HDL-C level was similar to normal subjects. It may be concluded that pre-diabetes is a dyslipidemic condition and awareness is needed long before established DM to prevent CAD in later life.