Volume 10

Number 01 January 2020
Knowledge and Practice regarding Dengue Fever and Its Control among the Urban Population of Sylhet

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Nazia Chowdhury1 , Mohammad Nurunnabi2 , Fazlur Rahim Kaiser3 , Sabrin Radi4

Introduction: Dengue is one of the most important mosquito-borne diseases which can cause a major problem to human health. Methods: A descriptive type of cross sectional study was conducted in two focal urban areas of Sylhet city to know about knowledge & practices regarding dengue fever & its control among urban population in Sylhet city. Data was collected from 151 respondents residing in Housing Estate & Modina Market area by using a semi-structured questionnaire & purposive type of non-probability sampling technique was used. Results: The study showed that large (70.20%) numbers of respondents were female & 22.52% completed higher secondary education among the respondents. Regarding knowledge 68.21% mentioned fever & 23.18% headache as dengue fever symptoms. Majority (82.12%) knew that mosquito causes dengue fever, 59.60% could mention the name of mosquito, 56.95% respondents said that mosquito bite at daytime and 64.90% knew that removal of artificial collection of water as to control breeding of Adedes mosquito. Almost 90% had knowledge about different preventive measures like use of windows net (40.40%), mosquito net (29.13%) and others. Regarding practice, 39.07% followed removal of artificial collection of water, 24.50% always covered the water container and reaming took other measures as to control breeding. About 90% used different preventive measures like window net (35.10%), mosquito net (27.81%) and others measures to prevent mosquito bite. Conclusion: Both knowledge and practices regarding dengue fever is good among the urban population.