Volume 10

Number 02 July 2020
Study on Magnitude and Pattern of Death in Road Traffic Accidents

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Tasnuva Aziz Munalisa1 , Md. Shamsul Islam2 , Md. Abdul Hye Minar3 , Tahmina Islam4 , Kanta Deb5 , Iffath Farooqui 6

Background: Road Traffic Accident (RTA) is a derelict global health concern. It has constituted one of the foremost causes of morbidity & mortality in the low-income countries like Bangladesh. Methods: This is a retrospective study based on autopsy reports conducted to find out the magnitude and pattern of death due to road traffic accidents (RTAs) in the Department of Forensic Medicine of Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College during the study period January 2016 to December 2018. After reviewing all postmortem reports, 301 cases of death were found due to RTAs including railway accidents during the study period. Results: Age incidence among the RTAs victims was higher (19.60%) in ≥60 year age group and sex distribution, two-third (66.11%) were males and one-third (33.89%) were females. More than half (54.82%) of the postmortem done under the Kotwali police station in Sylhet district. Injuries in the skull and scalp region were observed as a more common site in the majority (85.38%) of cases. Regarding the types of injury, bruise (92.36%) and abrasion (86.71%) were found within majorities in the cases. The majority (91.36%) of the cases was observed died due to hemorrhage and shock. Injuries on skull (77.41%) and injuries to the brain (62.79%) also found as leading causes of death. Conclusion: Implemantation of proficient preventive measures and enforcement of traffic law are essential to reduce the RTAs incidence.