Volume 10

Number 01 January 2020
Observational findings during Postmortem Examination among the Victims of Road Traffic Accidents (RTA)

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Iffath farooqui 1 , Md. Shamsul Islam2 , Kanta Deb 3 , Kishoara Binte Quader 4 , Muhammad Redwanur Rahman5

Background: Road traffic accident (RTA) is a curse of rapid and unplanned urbanization. Frequency of accident is increasing dramatically with rapid growth of motor vehicle in poorly maintained road system. Purpose of this study was to evaluate the fatal effects of victim’s deceased body due to RTA. Methods and results: This study was conducted in the Department of Forensic Medicine of Sylhet M. A. G. Osmani Medical College from January 2015 to December 2015. A total of 68 deceased bodies of RTA victims were examined in this study. Among 68 victims, 48 were male and 20 were female, mean age was 27.06(±14.53) years with age range from 3 years to 76 years. There were 7 drivers, 41 occupants and 20 pedestrians became victims of RTA. Major injury site was head and neck (86.76%) followed by upper limb (76.47%), chest (57.35%), abdomen (50.00%), lower limb (20.59%), pelvis (16.18%) and spine (13.24%). All the victims were suffered from multiple injuries. Abrasion and contusion found in most of the victims (95.59% and 76.47% respectively). Fracture other than head region and crash injury in head observed in 54.41% and 41.18% victims. Major cause of death in this sample was hemorrhage and shock (47.06%) followed by craniocerebral (41.18%), spinal injury (7.35%) and pulmonary embolism (4.41%). Loss of young citizens is a great loss of any developing country. Moreover, death caused by hemorrhage and shock is preventable. Taking immediate measure is worthy to save life from RTA. Conclusion: Increasing number of RTA cost of valuable work force as well as resources, which is preventable. As hemorrhage and thus shock following multiple injuries is the cause death observed in this sample, early detection of injury pattern and prompt action might save some lives. Educating general people about first aid service and providing well equipped ambulance with well-trained paramedic will be worthy