Volume 11

Number 01 January 2021
Autopsy Analysis of Suicidal Hanging Cases in Sylhet

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47648/jswmc2021v11-05

Tasnuva Aziz Munalisa, Md. Shamsul Islam, Md. Abdul Hye Minar, Tahmina Islam, Kanta Deb, Iffath Farooqui

Background:Suicide is one of the leading cause of unnatural death in the world. The frequency of suicidal hanging is dramatically increasing over the period of time in Bangladesh. Methods:Anautopsy reports based retrospective study carried out in the Department of Forensic Medicine of Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College to analysis of suicidal hanging cases during the study period January 2017 to December 2018. After reviewing all postmortem reports, 230 cases of death were found due to suicidal hanging casesduring the study period. Results:The highest number of the victims 76(33.04%) were from the age group 10-19 years, followed by 61(26.52%) from 20-29 years and 126(54.78%) were female. Most of the dead bodies 38(16.52%) were brought from Gowainghat police station and majority victims 32(13.91%) locality were also in Gowainghat. The commonest autopsy findings were skin and subcutaneous tissue underneath the ligature mark found pale, white, hard, glistening 225(97.83%) and cyanosis 208(90.43%). The most common cause of deathin post mortem findings was asphyxia 213(92.61%). Conclusion: A well intended and inclusive programme is needed to reduce the frequency of suicidal hanging, which will ascertain the causative factor and helps incontrol and prevention.