Volume 11

Number 02 July 2021
Factors determining the Knowledge of Nurses Towards COVID-19 at Tertiary Hospital, Sylhet.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47648/jswmc2021v1102-06

JayantaDebnath , Sonchita Rani Das , Jaba Rani Deby , Fozle Rabbi Saju , Ruji Begum

Introduction: COVID-19 virus has become a highly contagious disease as pandemic in the current situation over the world. As a communicable disease, COVID-19 can be transmitted so rapidly from nurse to nurse, patient to nurse and nurse to other group of people. Health care workers should know knowledge about this communicable disease. This is why we have done this study. Methods: The cross sectional study was conducted in Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital, Sylhet, Bangladesh; from January to June 2021. Face to face data was collected. Data was collected by researcher themselves. Collected data were checked, coded and transferred into the SPSS V22.0 for analyzing data. Frequency, percentages, mean and t-test statistics were calculated. Results: Among the participants, the age mean of senior staff nurse and junior staff nurse is 24.34 year and 33.66 year. The result shows that among senior staff nurse 25.74% was male and 74.26% was female, on the other hand among junior staff nurse, there was 100% female and no male junior staff nurse in this study. Among 134 participants of SSN, 86.77% and 96.32% were answered “yes” against “COVID-19 is communicable disease” and “COVID-19 is virus” where among 64 participants of JSN, 59.38% and 89.06% were answered “yes” against same questions. In case of “Yes” result, SSN is answer better than JSN which is statistically significant (p value is 0.006366). Conclusion: There is comparably better knowledge about COVID-19 disease to SSN than JSN. Health care workers must gain knowledge about such pandemic disease. By gaining well knowledge; everybody can stop spreading infection of COVID-19 disease.