Volume 13

Number 2 July 2023
Morphometric Study of the Articular Facets of Atlas Vertebra in Bangladeshi Population

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47648/jswmc2023v13-02-74

*Munni TA, Paul DR , Morium U, Naznin R, Sultana N, Sumi MN, Kabir A


Context: The first cervical vertebra, Atlas has different features from other cervical vertebra. Cervical vertebra is an important part of bony anatomy of craniovertebral junction. The stability of atlas is provided by two symmetrical lateral masses that are united by anterior and posterior arches. These lateral masses are the most bulky and solid parts of the atlas, supportive elements composed of superior and inferior articular facets. The stability of cervical spine is violated by various traumatic and non-traumatic causes. Instability of CVJ needs surgical correction or long term immobility to attain solid fusion

Objectives: knowing of various dimensions of superior and inferior articular facets of atlas are useful in internal fixation techniques for craniovertebral junction abnormalities. The knowledge of dimensions may determine surgical strategy. The result of the study will be helpful not only for anatomists but also for orthopedicians, neurosurgeons and forensic experts.

Materials and methods: In this study total 103 dried, unbroken atlas vertebra of unknown age and sex were collected from 1st and 2nd year students of Jahurul Islam Medical College, 2023 in kishoreganj. All dimensions are measured using Digital Vernier Calipers with 0.01 resolution.

Conclusions: Information and details about in screw placement at some stage in CVG surgery procedure the dimensions of superior and inferior articular facets could be helpful.