Volume 11

Number 01 January 2021
Review article on the change in the hospital revenue and healthcare economy during COVID-19 pandemic

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47648/jswmc2021v11-08

Khandaker Abu Talha, Md. Ferdous Hasan Farhana Selina, Himangshu Shekar Das, Nahian Ahmed Chowdhury, Ahmad Nafee, Tafhim Ahmed Rifat

The economy of the world has been shaken due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Nearly 8% of the world economy has shrunk during this time. Few countries have been identified as more vulnerable to be affected in comparison to others according to the Pandemic Vulnerable Index (PVI). Lot of universities of USA, Australia and UK have suffered from huge financial crisis due to lack of foreign students admission. Lockdown and travel restriction have affected the revenue generation of countries like China, USA, South Africa, India and sub-Saharan countries for which government subsidize were declared. Bangladesh has suffered mostly due to disruption in garment and textile business. Medical tourism also experienced severe financial trauma.