Volume 14

Number 1 January 2024
Mermaid baby: Fairy tale in practical

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47648/jswmc2024v14-01-18

*Bhattacherjee A, Haque R, Shahabuddin M, Noor ZB, Akhter P, Samad A


Sirenomelia, also called Mermaid syndrome is a rare and fatal anomaly which is characterized by a single lower extremity featuring a Mermaid like appearance where head and trunk is like humans and lower extremity is like tail of a fish. It is associated with other gastro-intestinal, genito-urinary and other organ abnormalities. Most patients die shortly after birth. The exact cause of Sirenomelia is unknown. Here we present a newborn baby with Sirenomelia. Mother had bad obstetric history, antenatal ultrasonography revealed severe oligohydramnios and renal agenesis. On examination there was dysmorphic facies, fusion of lower limbs, single leg with two foot and ten toes. There was no identical external genitalia and anus.